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Yes, there is Poison Ivy at the Niagara Glen
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Halfway Log Dump, Bruce Peninsula

Halfway Log Dump 10:27
Grass Pink 5C, Rusty Blackbird 6C, Unnamed ungraded, Water Beetle 6A, Posideon 7A+, Merganser 6C, Belly Button left 6C, Qbert 7A, Tail left 5C, Wanna Be My Baby? 6C, Hortop Slab 6C, Terminal Boulder Direct 6C, The Crab 7B+, Bonspiel 6C, Flip it to an undecling 5C, Stingray 7C+

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X Boulder, Niagara Glen, Ontario

Niagara Glen 2009 7:23
Featured problems
No U-Turn 6A, 1492 6B, Brave New World 6C, Andrew Golota 6C, Bounty Hunter 6C, Bonfire Rodeo 7A, Thunder and Lightning 7A, Ruffneck 7A, The Hooneymoon, 7A+, Gulag 7A+, Floryshe 7B

  Maha, Niagara Glen, Ontario

Niagara Glen 2009 2:09
Featured problem

Maha 7A

Niagara Glen 2009 6:04
Featured problems
Rigormortis 7c+, Black Eagle 7c, Captain Hook , B-FF 7c+, Sepukku 7c+

the Pit at Bishop, CA Bishop 2009 16:36
Featured problems
Bon Parrot (Of Maine) 5C, Big Chicken 5C, Kling and Smirk 5C, September's Here Again 6A, Solarium 6A, King Tut 6B, Bowling Pin 6B, Molly 6C, The Hulk 7A, Giggle, Giggle, Grovel Roof, Sucker Punch 6B, Ketron Classic 6B, Serengeti 6C, Iron Man 6B, , Mr. Witty 7A, Pow Pow 7B
  Rocklands Bouldering Rocklands 11:46
Featured problems
Leap of Faith 7C+, Minky 7B, Poison Dwarf 7A+, Un Petite Waco 7B, X-Intercept 7A+, the Danimal 7A F.A., Creaking Heights v4, Pinotage 7C+, Black Widow 7C, John Denver 7A+
  Erin Ford climbing at Lion's Head, Ontario Gargamel and Azreal 5:41
Featured problem
Erin Ford climbing on a new mixed route at Lion's Head, ON. Gargamel and Azrael. This 11b trad line now goes from the ground with a bouldery 12d start.
  Dave Zuly at Climbing at Lion's Head, Ontario

Trailer Park Climbers 25:21
Featured problems
Nimbus 5.10b, Banshee 5.12a, American Dream 5. 13d, Fully Erect 5.12a, Strom Warning 5.10b, The Fin 5. 12b/c, The Thing that Eats Hippies 5.12d, Mirror Crackd' 5.11b, North Shore 5.11b, Windy City 5.12a, Thor from the Floor 5.13a, The Man in Me 5.13d


44 days in France 11:17
Featured problems
From Fontainbleau to Ceuse!

  Adam Reeve climbing at Lion's Head, Ontario

Ontario Climbing - Lion's Head and More


Projectile 4:23

Diaries of an Addict 10:47

The Experiance 8:25


  Niagara Glen Topo from

Niagara Glen 20070922
Maha 7A, Super Sharp Shooter 7A, Darlene 6B

Niagara Glen 20070906
Pegasus 6C, Goldfinger 6C

Niagara Glen 20070612
Life O'Rielly 7A, The Hooneymoon 7A+, NogoKo 7A